Client progression

At Fortis, we invite any new Principal to take us for a test drive to ensure we’re a good fit for their travel and security needs. Our test drive initiative has proven to be a pivotal point in understanding the Fortis difference, as well as, our communications platform, travel consultants, security, and comprehensive travel planning. We put our Principals first every step of the way. It’s why we have a 93% travel satisfaction rating and why more Principals trust Fortis with their travel and security needs.

Try Fortis For a Test Drive

Use Fortis for 5-10 trips in a variety of circumstances and locations.

Sync with Fortis

We integrate our secure communications platform, teams, and get to know your principals and their profiles.

Build Trust

Lean on Fortis to do more when you have major events, security concerns, or just a trip that has to go right. Put more weight on us, it’s what we love.

Planning Partner

Co-create your major travel for the next six months with your client coordinator so we can raise your imagination on what’s possible.

“End user service rating of 93% out of 100%”

— Gallup CE-11 Survey

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