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Expect more from travel

Fortis provides legendary secure chauffeured transportation, the highest level of executive protection and security services, and unparalleled concierge services, all designed to increase the travel efficiency of ultra-high-net-worth individuals. We are unmatched in service, competence, insights, and attention to detail. Our overarching goal is to help our Principals get more out of their day. 

Frictionless Travel

At Fortis, we realize that time is your most precious commodity. And with over 20 years of experience, we also understand that a huge time waster is travel that does not meet expectations. So how do you overcome that? By partnering with a company that makes your time away from home as frictionless as your time at home. We are that partner. If you expect more from travel, we will deliver. 

The Problem

Discerning world travelers need secure private travel that helps them achieve more. Rich clients have lives tailored to their needs…except when they travel.

The solution

Fortis literally wrote the book on how to help rich clients and their teams achieve more than they can imagine. Our services including chauffeured cars, security, and trip planning help you achieve more in your own way.

the proof

Our clients are the world’s best at maximizing their investments. Over a four-year period the average Fortis client on the Forbes 400 list increased his spending with Fortis by 212%. This surpassed the growth in their net worth for the same period. As clients use Fortis more, the more they invest because they achieve more.

Total Spend with Fortis
The Fortis Effect
Countries Served
$ 1
Estimated Net Worth of Fortis Principals
global trips per year

A Study In Excellence

At Fortis, we strive to exceed expectations in everything we do. From advances to reservations, security to comprehensive oversight, mitigation to innovation, our global travel consultants are leading the industry on every front. Complex travel is our forte as proven by some of the groundbreaking solutions we’ve implemented over the last few years.

"Of all of the car companies we have used, the best is Fortis. I feel 100% confident in them."

— EA to the CEO, a Global Private Equity Firm

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