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You don’t let challenges slow down your business, so why should they slow down your travel? Keep your travel and your business moving forward with the Fortis Facilitator or Traveling Chief of Staff (TCOS). A one-stop, walking encyclopedia and translator of regional knowledge, the facilitator brings the expertise and insight to move you forward in some of the most challenging areas of the world. From location-tailored security to avoiding cultural faux pas, the facilitator is a local voice and resource that can make the seemingly impossible happen.

The Problem

Missed cues. Miscommunication. Lengthy negotiations.

Every discerning Principal has felt the challenges of international travel that come with differences of language, culture, and social norms. With the Fortis Facilitator, local knowledge is combined with cultural expertise to provide the security, efficiency, and experience to take you farther faster.

Core Capacities of the Fortis Facilitator


The ins and outs of your daily travel go more smoothly with the Fortis facilitator at the helm. A facilitator works alongside your team to facilitate the logistics of coordinating multiple vehicles, organizing trusted, highly-rated chauffeurs, advancing the routes, and identifying entry points.


Knowing who can be trusted and when to take security threats seriously is a skill that can’t be quantified. A facilitator keeps your security at the forefront without limiting your efficiency. Our Fortis facilitator is the force multiplier of your team by coordinating with local assets, providing time sensitive HUMINT, and giving the local context that makes your security team effective.


A Fortis facilitator is available to offer a higher level of individualized service to the world’s most discerning travelers - anticipating the needs of Principals and proactively resolving conflicts behind the scenes. When time is a Principal’s greatest commodity, a Fortis facilitator remains an invaluable asset on which to lean.


Many times knowing the right people or the right question to ask is the key to getting things done. A facilitator has the network and the know-how to circumvent the delays and complications of world travel and keep you in the fast lane. With the ease of a true local, your facilitator helps build and run a schedule that accomplishes your priorities.

Cultural Knowledge

The Fortis facilitator is the secret sauce that allows you to keep your home field advantage even when you’re away. With the insider knowledge you need, your facilitator can give advice on cultural cues, negotiate complicated situations, or mobilize their local network of contacts to help you get things done when it matters most.

Trusted Advisor

It’s not just about speaking the language. The Fortis facilitator or Traveling Chief of Staff is an experienced business consultant within their region and a trusted advisor away from home - providing local cultural practices to assist in a negotiation or cutting through the Expat red tape. Our facilitator is a deep resource of cultural and geographical context that provides the basis to assist with on-the-ground, real-time decision making.

A Walking Encyclopedia and
Knowledge Translator

Even when traveling on business, a stop at a famous international market can’t be missed. However, this type of hub is a prime location for local scammers and thieves looking to take advantage of those who wander through. Our Fortis facilitator was one step ahead of our Principal- creating a secured opportunity for the Principal to see and experience the landmark while avoiding the more seedy company that might be encountered. 

Culturally Crossed Wires

Even the most qualified out-of-town teams don’t have the pull that a Fortis TCOS does. During the inaugural Future Investment Initiative (FII), our Principal’s team arrived on the ground without the needed access to FII and all its venues for their team and vehicles. Their attempts at coordination with the local security had been unsuccessful. Following a thirty minute coffee conversation with the right person, our TCOS intervened and resolved the situation- granting the Principal access to even more than his team had thought to request. On the day of the Principal’s speech at the inaugural FII, his transportation and security protocols were competing with other high profile guests. Delay was not an option, instead, after a short conversation with the Royal Guard security, our TCOS had another guest’s departure put on hold while our Principal got the priority and departed on time. In situations of culturally crossed wires, Fortis provided the rapport and connections needed to get the job done.


"We were hesitant about [using] the facilitator. We thought just having a premium car service was enough. You proved us wrong. The TCOS was one of, if not the most, crucial part of the travel arrangements. I expected basic help, but he went above and beyond... I would want a TCOS wherever Fortis recommends it since you have the local expertise."

— EA to CEO of venture capital based out of SFO

More private jet owners trust Fortis than any other secure private travel company.

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