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What Rich Clients Want

Elite service to clients is a mystery no more; it’s a process. Learn how to become indispensable to clients (whether they are rich or not) from the Fortis secrets being revealed.

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Nathan Foy

Nathan Foy is founder and CEO of Fortis, nine-time Inc. Magazine honoree as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Fortis provides over 25,000 private, secure trips in 114 countries per year to clientele worth more than half a trillion dollars. These clients routinely rank Fortis on Gallup surveys as best in the industry. With offices in Greenville, South Carolina, and Hong Kong, Fortis offers ground transportation to more private jet owners than any other service in the world.

Nathan’s first book, What Rich Clients Want (But Won’t Tell You), translates the Fortis experience into a replicable, scalable business model any service provider can recreate. Nathan lives in Greenville with his wife Pam and their four children.

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