Exceptional Service from the Ground Up

At Fortis, we approach all of our Principals with the mindset that our service should positively impact their lives. We realize that it’s not about us. It’s about our Principals and how we can increase their ROI by providing a level of service equal to, if not better than, service they get when in their home environment. Travel is unpredictable because we are dependent on what other people are doing around us. We seek to take the unpredictability out of travel for our Principals. How? With monitoring, oversight, and intervention every step of the way.

Our Team

Nathan Foy

Nathan Foy


Fortis Employee Matt Lawrence

Matt Lawrence


Fortis Employee Brian Gural

Brian Gural


Fortis Employee Jason Gausta

Jason Gausta

Managing Director of International Operations

Fortis Employee Caleb Kelley

Caleb Kelly

Director of Systems

Bill Kennedy

Director of Accounting

Fortis Amy Fletcher

Amy Fletcher

Director of Human Resources

Fortis Employee Chris Grant

Christopher Grant

Director of Client Experience

Fortis Employee Garrick O'Malley

Garrick O'Malley

Director of Quality

Meg Cook

Director of Billing and Journeys

Fortis Employee Marylyn DaCamara

Marylyn DaCamara

Sales Executive

Katie Lee

Sales Support Coordinator

Megan Roh

Senior Project Manager

Katherine Spires

Network and Communications Consultant

Elisabeth Ingram

Operational Support Coordinator

Fortis Employee Brian Smith

Brian Smith

Senior Mobile Engineer

Beaty Thomas

Junior Software Developer

Blake Dempsey

Junior Software Developer

Dana Mason

Accounts Receivable/Payable Specialist

Drew Townsend

Accounting Administrator

Fortis Employee Avy Liu

Avy Liu

Global Logistics Consultant

Fortis Employee Abhishek Samuel

Abhi Samuel

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Chris Chow

Chris Chow

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Andrew Bailes

Andrew Bailes

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Soo Jang

Soo Jang

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Laura Jimmerson

Laura Jimmerson

Global Travel Consultant

Janelle Buniel

Global Travel Consultant

Larry Stofer

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Noel Barnabas

Noel Barnabas

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Kelly Chung

Kelly Chung

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Jakin Benjamin

Jakin Benjamin

Global Travel Consultant

Fortis Employee Collin Sen

Collin Sen

Global Travel Consultant

Antje Martin

Global Travel Consultant

Jackson Esparza

Global Travel Consultant

Will Fallaw

Global Travel Consultant

Sheridan Swathwood

Global Travel Consultant

Paul Edwards

Global Travel Consultant

Brian Adie

Global Travel Consultant

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