Paris 2024 Summer Olympics

An event you won't want to miss. An event you'll want to Fortis.

Paris 2024 Summer Olympics isn’t your standard travel experience. Get ahead of the crowd and in front of the challenges with Fortis. Fortis has done the planning for you.

      Paris and Ile-de-France Region

  • Swimming
  • Field Hockey
  • Diving
  • Track & Field


  • Handball
  • Basketball


  • Soccer


  • Soccer


  • Soccer


  • Soccer


  • Soccer
  • Sailing


  • Soccer


Spoiler alert - The Paris Olympics aren't just in Paris. The 2024 games will be hosted across many cities in France and in Tahiti.

  • Paris
  • Ile-de-France Region
  • Bordeaux
  • Nantes
  • Lyon
  • Sainte-Étienne
  • Nice
  • Marseille
  • Lille

What to Expect With Fortis

Facilitators executing effortless travel with security and language proficiency.

On the ground, insider knowledge brings your team the expertise and insight to move you forward seamlessly amid constant change. Avoid unnecessary mistakes and delays with a facilitator to navigate potential cultural, language, custom, and bureaucratic complications.

Safety expertise with 24/7 security assessment.

Like all events on the global stage, threats and potential risks are to be expected. With detailed security advances, local intel, and resources for risk mitigation, Fortis offers the expertise and experience necessary for the Olympics' most discerning attendees.

Insider knowledge of transportation diversions.

Expect roads to be rerouted daily with express lanes open to authorized vehicles only. Fortis facilitators prepare in advance with law enforcement and our top chauffeurs to provide seamless travel regardless of the change.

Advanced knowledge of ticket necessities.

The ONLY official site to purchase tickets is Resale tickets will be available for purchase when an official site launches in Spring 2024. Fortis provides expertise on specific ticket requirements and regulations for the games to ensure you have access to the top events on your list.

What to Expect Without Fortis

Delayed knowledge of transportation changes.

We can see it happening: Road closures. Transportation mishaps. Missed events. Traffic galore. Prepare for transportation changes every single day of the event; you might even anticipate closures occurring multiple times in a single day.

Inability to drop principals in secure locations.

Vehicles will be denied entrance to quick, visible drop-off/pick-up locations without authorization and security clearance.

Increased security risk.

The Olympics are highly visible; we recommend proper protection and preparation. Prepare for outsourced event security with a significant presence of law enforcement and military personnel.

Walking. Walking. And more walking.

An estimated 15.3 million visitors are expected to visit Paris during this event. Over three million are anticipated to attend events. Without exclusive clearance, principals will be walking crowded streets with the other 800,000 attendees per day.

Secure private travel for the 2024 Olympics–
Are you tracking these important details?


Only 30 tickets can be purchased per account across all Olympic sale phases. A maximum of 6 tickets can be purchased per event.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony event is unlike any other. Boats will bring participants down the Seine River, where bridges and roads parallel to the river will provide supporters a place to watch.

Tour de France

The Tour de France is going on at the same time as the Olympics. Expect road closures in these areas for up to 5 days.

Authorized Vehicles

Only authorized vehicles will have access to the centre of Paris. Authorized vehicles currently are Olympic vehicles, taxis, and private residences.

Work Holiday

The French government has publicly suggested Parisians take a holiday or work remotely during the Olympic games.

Border Checks

If traveling between various game locations, expect border checks in vehicles.

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