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Fortis’ paid internship program provides high-level achieving young adults with unique job experience and leadership development for the future. Fortis interns receive a dedicated mentor, an opportunity to explore various career paths, and the chance to build professional developmental skills. Interns do real work for Fortis, gaining practical hands-on experience and communication skills, all while becoming immersed in company culture. It’s more than just a job; Fortis internships inspire personal growth and career momentum.


Applicant must be expected to graduate with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree within the academic year. This position is entry-level; there is no minimum experience required. Internship sessions are available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Internship length will depend on the requirements of your institution or Fortis’ needs. 


Fortis internships are project-based, with the intention to expose individuals to a variety of professional skills and specializations. Most interns will spend some time working alongside Fortis team members in each of the following areas:


Our operations team is global, functioning out of Greenville, Reno, Hong Kong, and Delhi. They work directly with clients and chauffeurs, working to reserve and dispatch rides every day.


Fortis' sales team is responsible for the world's most discerning traveler client accounts. Never far from their phones, our team works hard to build relationships with teams across the world.


Marketing for Fortis looks different than most other marketing jobs. Our team functions to target different audiences, including clients, chauffeurs, and internal positions, all while staying on brand with Fortis values.


Our accounting team works to pay others, make sure we get paid, and much much more. It sounds simple, yet there is endless work processing these tasks.

Software Engineering

Fortis has designed our own data systems, apps, and processes specific to our company. Our engineering team keeps these platforms error-free and fully functioning across the globe.


The network team of Fortis works directly with chauffeurs, discovering the best in the industry for the markets Fortis needs. They focus on calling chauffeur companies, building relationships, and discussing rates to make operations run more smoothly.

Fortis Internship: A Reflection

"Fortis has taught me what it means to be a team player. No matter what someone else is working on, they will drop everything to help you if you are in a pickle."

— Lu Greathouse, Fortis Intern 2022 - 2023

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