Fortis offers seamless, momentum-enhancing service so Principals can achieve more than they could ever imagine in travel.

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More than knowing who's driving and the status of your trips, Fortis provides these security enhancing qualities for the world's most discerning travelers.


More private jet owners trust Fortis than any other global service.


Every ride Fortis manages receives an update in security. We provide important risk assessment updates and local advances in challenging locations. Receive prompt information and knowledge of risk straight from our operations team.


Proactive communication and trip planning on every ride. Last minute changes or additions don't scare us, in fact we welcome the challenge.

Secure Apps

Robust secure communication platform for all parties regarding a trip. Download our passenger, pilot, or scheduler app to receive prompt ride updates.

Top Rated Chauffeurs

More in-depth chauffeur vetting globally. We do this through 6 offices on 4 continents.


24/7 global oversight with open lines of communication. Speak directly to a Fortis team member no matter the time.


Fewest service failures in secure ground transportation.


We operate on a consistent process, which is customizable for each principal. You will receive the same level of concierge regardless of global location. If you want a specific water, snack, or temperature in the car, let us know, we'll make it happen.

"Of all of the car companies we have used, the best is Fortis. I feel 100% confident in them."

— EA to the CEO, a Global Private Equity Firm

The Fortis Effect

Fortis has been raising the industry standard for secure private travel for over 20 years. Top performers return to Fortis for their travel needs again and again because the name Fortis is synonymous with the best. 

Best in class service. 

Best in class security. 

Best in class coordination. 

Ultra-High-Net-Worth clients expect the best. Fortis is your way to bring it to them.

With offices located across five time zones and four continents, the Fortis team is always within reach and in sync with our Principals’ team. 

Our on the ground contacts in thousands of cities make the Fortis elite level of service a reality. The Fortis global network isn’t limited to chauffeurs – security agents, local experts, and concierge specialists are all dialed in to the Fortis way. 

With Fortis, challenges are overcome, crises averted, and issues resolved before the client even knows they exist. 

Click here to view our list of our global offices. 

Click here to learn more about our global network.

Seamless coordination and excellence executed. Principals traveling with Fortis are in the best hands. Our preparation for each trip begins well before a Principal makes their first move with a curated pool of top chauffeurs within thousands of cities. 

We keep our hands on the wheel throughout your Principal’s itinerary, tracking their movements, making real-time adjustments, anticipating their needs, and keeping their entire team in the loop through our state-of-the-art technology. 

Security, nuanced schedules, and on-the-ground changes are our middle name. We can guarantee that there’s not much we haven’t already seen when it comes to discerning travelers. 

At Fortis, we aren’t just getting travel done; we’re getting travel done better than ever before.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your reservation is more than just a transaction to us. Let us know exactly what your client needs without jumping through the hoops of a booking platform.

Phone  or email are the best ways to communicate the nuances of your principal’s itinerary with us. This allows our team to fully understand all aspects of your ride and guarantees the elite level of service you’ll come to expect at Fortis.

Fortis has been setting the industry standard for secure global travel and logistics for 22 years.

Fortis has five offices across time zones and continents. 

  • Greenville, South Carolina
  • Reno, Nevada
  • Hong Kong
  • Saudi Arabia
  • India
  • and France

The Fortis team is always within reach and in sync with our Principals’ team. No matter the time of day you contact us, you are speaking with a team member working their daytime hours. 

Our regional experts and offices are the key to the Fortis elite service – vetting local providers and executing rides on their own continents.

We like to keep things simple. Our entire reservations team can be reached at- or via phone or text at +1.864.642.2732

Fortis contracts with local chauffeurs and curates a top pool of chauffeurs. This allows us to always work with the best in every city.

The short answer is that Fortis does not serve war-torn countries or remote locations that do not have local, professional, licensed chauffeur transportation providers (for example, a small Caribbean island  on which golf carts are the modus operandi for transportation). Beyond those two distinctions, Fortis can service just about every market.

24 hours before the start of a ride.  For longer, multi-day journeys, we typically provide this information before that 24-hour mark.

Fortis sends chauffeur information and trip notifications via email or text, or via the message center in our secure communications platform to any party who wants to receive them.

Once you’ve spoken with our team via phone or email, Fortis’ state-of-the-art communications platform securely keeps each party in the loop during a Principal’s travel. The platform offers customized apps for assistants, pilots, security and the principal. 

The Fortis desktop portal gives access to location tracking, invoices, upcoming and past rides, and status updates for each trip.

Yes! This is our preference. Our goal is for your Principal to favorite our chauffeurs, so he or she can curate their own network of chauffeurs through Fortis. We’ve found this provides the most secure and seamless rhythm of travel for the Principal.

Because we serve the most discerning Principals, we only provide Mercedes S-class sedan (or similar), Cadillac Escalade (long-wheels base) SUVs (or similar), and luxury Sprinters (or similar). 

Yes, depending on the needs of your Principal, Fortis offers everything from security assets to secure travel recommendations by assessing the most probable risks to your Principal and prioritizing mitigation of those risks. 

By utilizing our local expertise, we give the best security recommendations for the local market to which your Principal is traveling. These can range from setting up an armored vehicle, to close protection agents or chase vehicles. In the case of a medical risk, our recommendation might even be keeping an ambulance on standby. Fortis security services are tailored to the needs of your Principal and their travel.

Fortis can accommodate the high expectations of your client through our concierge and security services. 
Beyond that, the Fortis Traveling Chief of Staff offers the coordination and connections of an on-the-ground, local staff person.

Fortis is the best in class option for your most discerning clients. For those clients, please feel free to share Fortis with them early in the booking process. 

Hi team/client, 

We would like to refer you to Fortis – our high-touch, secure ground transportation provider that we’ve worked with for years.  We typically use them for international trips or nuanced and detailed itineraries. They do charge a higher price point for the higher level of service. Here is a quick summary of what Fortis can provide.

We believe you are a client who would benefit from the services offered by Fortis. If you would like to use them for this trip, please let us know so that we can begin coordination with them.

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