Terms & Conditions

1. Estimated charges provided on confirmations include fixed charges only for the transportation itself. Variable charges such as parking fees, tolls, and taxes may not be included in these estimated charges.

2. All hourly reservations are billed from the time the chauffeur leaves the garage to the time the chauffeur returns to the garage. All hourly reservations are billed with at least a 3-hour minimum. Any accumulated wait time is calculated in quarter-hour increments, rounding up. If the accumulated wait time is greater than 45 minutes, the reservation will be billed as hourly. Any parking fees, tolls, and taxes are specific to each reservation and will vary according to that reservation’s routing. 

3. All reservations are billed to the Client in United States Dollars (USD). Final charges may change from their confirmed amount if there are fluctuations between the USD and the currency local to where the reservation is executed. 

4. Unless otherwise specified at the time of reservation or within the reservation confirmation, reservations may be canceled without charge up to 2 hours before the chauffeur is scheduled to leave the garage for pickup. Reservations canceled after this cutoff time will be billable in full. Changes occurring less than 2 hours before the chauffeur leaves for pickup may be subject to additional charges. 

5. All passengers have the authority to make changes to their reservations. If and when passengers make changes to a reservation, Fortis may not inform the Client of the changes until after the ride is complete. These passenger-requested changes may result in additional charges, which the Client agrees to pay. 

6. If the passenger cannot locate the driver at the designated meeting area, the passenger or a Client representative must call +1.877.9.FORTIS (+1.877.936.7847) or +1.864.272.3400 before the passenger leaves the designated meeting area, in order to avoid being charged. 

7. Unless otherwise agreed upon in advance, all charges are required to pay via Net 15 terms, a pre-paid balance, or payment made by the Client’s credit card of choice. Under the Net 15 approach, the default credit card on file will be charged on the 15th day after the invoice’s due date. 

8. Fortis reserves the right to charge a 1.5% interest penalty every 30 days (18% APR) on overdue balances. 

9. Fortis reserves the right to change the Client’s payment terms from Net 15 to prepayment or credit card. 

10. The Client agrees to pay for all rides requested by its authorized representatives. The Client may limit which representatives are authorized to make reservations by providing Fortis with a list of these representatives in advance. 

11. Any disputes about charges must be raised within 15 days after Fortis issues an invoice for the trip; otherwise, the charges will be considered final. 

12. Fortis reserves the right to suspend or close a Client’s account at any time, for any reason.  

13. By using Fortis’ services, the Client voluntarily makes and grants the following Waiver and Assumption of Risk in favor of Fortis as partial consideration (in addition to any monies paid to Fortis):  

The Client waives and releases any and all claims of personal injury, bodily injury, property damage, damages, losses, and/or death that may arise from the use of Fortis’ services.  

The Client certifies that it is competent in assuming these risks of its own will, being under no compulsion or duress. 

This Waiver and Assumption of Risk may not be revoked, altered, amended, rescinded, or voided without the express prior written consent of Fortis. 

14. Fortis reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions, and updated Terms and Conditions will immediately supersede all previous versions. The Client will be notified by email when the Terms and Conditions have been changed. 

15. The Client acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions are binding upon all its successors and/or assigns. 

16. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provisions of this Agreement shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision of this Agreement, which shall remain in full force and effect. 

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